Working While Traveling… And How To Do It

For those of you who find yourselves on the road more than at home, you understand the importance of utilizing time and space into creating functional work environments. It can be difficult when traveling, but with certain tricks and tips, it is manageable and when done right, can provide some excess time to actually enjoy the location.

Sustain the Routine. If breakfast is what you’re used to, make an effort to keep it consistent. Try the hotel restaurant’s continental breakfast—it may even be (just slightly) better than your regular waffles! If working out is your thing, get out of the hotel for a speedy jog. It will clear your head while keeping you sane and positive, ready to tackle the day’s tasks.

Ditch the Room. Often times it’s easy to hole up at the desk in the hotel room to get that last-minute deadline in. However, the confinement can be distracting. Try a nearby coffee shop, a quiet pub, or even the hotel lobby or business center. Most places are equipped with Wi-Fi and you can use free apps or websites like AroundMe and to find proximate locales.

Cut Out the Racket. Noise cancelling headsets help fog out ambient noise whether you’re on a plane (yes, even charters can get loud) or at a chosen hot spot. Bose offers an exquisite more expensive collection, while Sony has a more affordable model.

Stay Charged. Solar battery chargers retain energy from the sun and convert it to electricity.  They can be used with cell phones, laptops, cameras, or any other battery-related device. Being mobile, the compact chargers go where the sun is, keeping you electronic (almost) anywhere—we can’t all live in sunny California.

Keep Organized. A proper briefcase will keep your papers—and your sanity—in order. Having things systematized in different sections helps when you’re on-the-go or in-the-air with little time to waste rummaging through last week’s affairs.

Create a Playlist. As you would for a workout, put together some tunes for various points of your day. A pumped-up mix to start the day, a stay-awake fusion to get over that midday hump, a motivating blend to get you primed for that meeting, and a goodnight assembly to lay you to sleep will all help the day go by that much quicker.

And last but not least:

Be a Tourist. Set aside time for enjoyment. What is Paris without the Louvre and some wine? What is St. Louis without the Arch and some rap? And what is San Diego without Shamu and some beach? Sometimes life is more about the journey, so go out and have fun… just make sure you get your work done first.

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