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  • Food on the Run and in the Air

    It’s always helpful to know where to eat when you fly to a new destination. Especially since it’s no secret that most airport food suffers in the “Mmmm-Tastes-Good” category.  So for fear of our customers making bad food decisions on their travels, here are a few suggestions for some popular destinations: The Landings at Carlsbad—Palomar […]

  • Pacific San Diego
  • Crunch Time

    Last year, La Jolla native Tyler Dixon spent $82 producing a mock TV ad that wound up airing to a Super Bowl audience of millions. Titled “The Best Part” and entered into the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest, it depicted an office worker who’d lick Doritos chip residue off anything (or anyone). The weird-as-hell […]

  • Indie Rock Reviews
  • Mayer Hawthorne– ‘How Do You Do’ Album Review

    People worried that Mayer Hawthorne’s sophomore album How Do You Do (due out today, October 11th) was going to be a poppy mainstream mess when he transitioned from indie label Stones Throw Records to large-and-in-charge Universal Republic Records. Oh ye of little faith. Hawthorne has not only kept the soul and grit we fell in love with in A Strange […]