DayBreaker LA Group Shot

LA Morning Raves are All the Rave

As seen on It’s hump day, 6:30am, and you should be sleeping. You should be pressing snooze as you roll over once again, hating your life, cursing your job, loathing everything that is not sleep. But you’re not; you’re in a giant warehouse in Downtown LA, and your body is swaying to booming pulses as the space fills with more and more people. A smiling volunteer hands you a complimentary Press Brothers organic juice for breakfast while the DJ duo Kaleido sprays bubbles into…

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Photo Credit: Amanda Proudfit

Restauration– Long Beach’s Friendly New Neighborhood Restaurant

As seen on Last summer when the painters came to 2708 4th Street and coated the blue-and-gold trimmed building of The Patio Bistro a resounding white, Long Beach’s Bluff Heights neighborhood was set abuzz. The location had revolved another business in and out—just one more in a lineup of failed ventures. The locals’ curiosity grew and they wondered what would be next. Maybe another vintage boutique? Maybe a coffee shop? Surely not another restaurant! Restaurants are doomed at this location! As the locals watched…

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Photo Credit: The Devil's Acre

Getting Better at The Devil’s Acre

As seen on Everyone knows you’re supposed to go easy on the ol’ liquid sauce when you’re sick. You’re supposed to stay home, drink jugs of water, and eat handfuls of vitamin C. That’s how you get better… but, that’s not any fun at all. San Francisco’s The Devil’s Acre in North Beach however, has a different antidote for a cure. Their 22-page menu, or “Almanac of Restorative Libations” as they like to call it, is sure to have something to treat your every…

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Johnny B. Hair Care

Mane Man– Johnny B. Hair Care

As seen in the Los Angeles February and San Diego March 2015 issues of Locale Magazine. In the 90’s hair was everything. Eazy-E had a tight Jheri Curl, Kurt Cobain’s locks were leading the grunge movement and hadn’t been shampooed in a month, and JTT had this absolutely bomb bowl cut parted right down the middle. (Sorry, the writer still swoons at the thought.) While Billy Ray was doctoring up his achy breaky mullet, a young Alfonso Anorga had just graduated college, had just gotten hitched,…

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Nena & Co. Day Bag

A Guide to Sustainable Living in LA

As seen on Ah, Los Angeles. California’s most populous and talked about city– home to the glamour of Hollywood, the beaches of Malibu and the craziness of Venice Beach. Californians though, as fun loving and odd as they can be, are a very health conscious and eco-friendly bunch. Whether that be conserving their precious and limited supply of fresh water, buying organic, or spending their days outside hiking, surfing and just generally soaking in the spectacular year-round weather, Californians appreciate what they have and…

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