Nena & Co. Day Bag

A Guide to Sustainable Living in LA

Ah, Los Angeles. California’s most populous and talked about city– home to the glamour of Hollywood, the beaches of Malibu and the craziness of Venice Beach. Californians though, as fun loving and odd as they can be, are a very health conscious and eco-friendly bunch. Whether that be conserving their precious and limited supply of fresh water, buying organic, or spending their days outside hiking, surfing and just generally soaking in the spectacular year-round weather, Californians appreciate what they have and do their best to…

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Lucha VaVOOM Zombie Chickens

Evil Always Wins At Lucha VaVOOM

As I walk from the street to the front door of LA’s iconic Mayan Theatre I’m surrounded by low riders of every concoction: black hearses, old limousines, and neon green hot rod convertibles all there to drop off the strange celebrities of the dark Mexican world I am about to enter. The street is packed with onlookers excitedly mingling about to see who will be next to walk the red carpet into the show. Will it be the superstar Mexican wrestler team Diamante Azul and…

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Taylor Reeve of Taylor Says

What She Says Goes–Taylor Reeve of Taylor Says

She’s reminiscent of Garth from Wayne’s World if Garth was a girl and really pretty. She’s dressed to the tee in the highest teetering pumps you can imagine. She appears under a neon sign shining TaylorSays in cursive, the pink glow contrasting with her white head of hair, the white walls, and the white desk she’s sitting in. Her view is of the lengthy, narrow boutique harboring all of her creations nestled on Broadway in Long Beach’s Belmont Heights. There are paintings on the walls…

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Locale Ultimate Road Trip Guide

The Ultimate Road Trip Guide

Refund those expensive plane tickets, leave the passport at home, and ditch the foreign formalities. The destination this year is home. For the entire rest of the world, California is thee place to be, and we, lucky as we are, are fortunate enough to live here. There’s plenty to explore right in our own backyards; whether you reside in San Diego, Orange County, or Los Angeles you’re never very far from adventure. So let’s round up the crew, gas up the tank, and prepare for…

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We Run LA

LA is not a city that slacks off. LA likes to look good. We have the Kardashians. We have the Real Housewives. And then, in a swirl of yellow and purple, there’s the always-dapper Kobe. While some might rely on their wallets or their surgeons to get the look they’ve always wanted, others take a cue from our local athletes. Now, more than ever, Angelenos are lacing up their running shoes and hitting the trails with a vengeance. Due to our spectacular year-round weather, the sweaty…

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